1. mzsoft

    Wish wrap java library (Android Browser Helper)

    Hi. please wrap the java library Android Browser Helper thanks
  2. alis1200

    Java Question How to wrap Libs with java 8?

    Hi Is any way to wrap an android studio lib that syntaxed with java 8 to b4a lib? If it's impossible, say when java 8 syntax will be added to b4a? Thanx
  3. S

    Android Question Wrap Library With B4A (Help)

    Hi I Tried to wrap Some library by B4A. I Want Add Some Code And Links "(copy)" in Library methods. Like This: How can I do it? 🤔
  4. Chris Tyrie

    Wish VEML6075 Library wrap

    I give up. I can't wrap libraries. The data I get is nonsensical. Can someone wrap either... https://github.com/adafruit/Adafruit_VEML6075 http://downloads.arduino.cc/libraries/github.com/sparkfun/SparkFun_VEML6075_Arduino_Library-1.0.4.zip There's an under the table bribe to your paypal...
  5. Mashiane

    B4J Question [ABMaterial] [SOLVED] How to wrap ABMChips on single cell e.g. R1C1?

    Ola I have a container that im displaying in an ABMTable that has ABMChips from loaded from a table as depicted below. The container has 1 row 1 column and these are added there. How can I wrap these chips so that one is after another? Isnt there a property within the chip to perhaps do so...