1. M

    Android Question [B4X] MacBook Pro M1 M2 ARM

    Hi everyone, im planning to buy a MacBook Pro with Apple Silicon processor. I know that is possibile to run Windows 11 through Parallels. The question is: Can I continue to use Anywhere Softwares (B4A, B4i, B4J) with it? or there are some cases in which there will be limitations or problems...
  2. red30

    B4J Question B4JPackager11 build app for x86 architecture

    Is it possible using B4JPackager11 or Integrated B4JPackager11 to create an application that will run on a 32-bit version of Windows?
  3. SJQ

    Android Question Rp.GetAllSafeDirsExternal returns Permission Denied

    Got a problem with Android 9 x86 We use two insertable storage devices, A Removable SD card is inserted that contains an extensive media library and when required staff must insert another USB and a process in the app writes specific statistics to this USB mass storage device. previously...
  4. peacemaker

    Android Tutorial AMD Ryzen processor & Android emulator AVD

    If you have modern processor from AMD (Ryzen) - x86-variants of AVD cannot work by default. Android emulator now requires the processors with a virtualization only. By default Intel processors are supported, but HAXM software for Intel is required also to be installed. But Windows 10 (even...