1. Cebuvi

    Android Question xGraph with days and months

    Hi, I have to create a graph in which the divisions on the X axis are the days of the year and the intervals are the months. Is it possible to do it using the xGraph class? Thanks.
  2. rgarnett1955

    Android Question xGraph - Treatment of NaN's

    Hi All, I have lots of real time data I use xGraph to display, however I run into trouble with missing data segments. I don't wish to fill them with a linear interpolation or some other trick, but rather to pad the missing data points with NaN. At the moment xGraph treats the NaN's as...
  3. rgarnett1955

    Android Question xGraph Class and b4xlib - Not siplaying line graph traces when Manual Scaling selected.

    Hi, Trying to use xGraph to display Power Line Voltage and frequency, but when I select manual scaling and provide the ranges the graphs don't display the lines. The cursors show the data points as I expect they get these from the y Value arrays. This is my function with test data: Private...