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Hi All,

I have lots of real time data I use xGraph to display, however I run into trouble with missing data segments. I don't wish to fill them with a linear interpolation or some other trick, but rather to pad the missing data points with NaN. At the moment xGraph treats the NaN's as infinity. I wonder if the xGraph class could be modified to plot NaN's with transparent data points so NaN's leave blank gaps in the trace lines. This is the way Matlab plots and similar programs treat missing data. The cursor readouts should report "No Data" of something along those lines for the NaN points.

This would help me a lot.

I have attached the example xGraph app with some 0/0 => NaN's to demonstrate. When there are long runs of NaN's and they are not close together the current behaviour isn't too bad, however you end up with a real mess if there are lots of missing randomly spaced data points.

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