1. K

    Android Question xml2Map Parsing Error ?

    Hi friends. I am using the xml2map library. I get an error when I receive more than one key data with the same name. This xml data contains offline messages from Openfire Group Chat. incoming xml data: <message type='groupchat' id='aacda'...
  2. P

    Libraries documentation viewer: the XML files...

    Did you ever wonder where the autocomplete information in the IDE comes from? Well, i'm not 100% sure but the same information can be found in the XML file from the library that has been used. In the case of a (B4J) Button the jFX.xml file contains information about the Button and its events...
  3. yo3ggx

    Android Question XML -> MAP issue

    This is just a simplified example to explain the issue I have. I'm using XML2MAP to covert a simple xml file: <root> <config> <param1>val11</param1> <param2>val12</param2> <param3>val13</param3> </config> <config> <param1>val21</param1>...
  4. yo3ggx

    Android Question XML2MAP and lists of maps

    Hello, Let's consider the following simple xml file as xmlstring. <main> <device> <memory> <param1>123456</param1> <param2>654321</param2> </memory> <memory> <param1>45678</param1> <param2>87654</param2>...
  5. Angelo Messina

    Italian Xml2Map inserito solo una volta

    B4A Versione: 9.01.2 Java Versione: 8 Analisi del Codice. Error Errore Analisi Programma. Descrizione errore: È già stato aggiunto un elemento con la stessa chiave. Errore nella linea: 5 (Xml2Map) Type XmlElement (Name As String, Children As List, Text As String, Attributes As Map)
  6. Pedro Caldeira

    B4J Question xmlparsing with xml2map

    Hello, I am trying to parse a xml file with the xm2map module i get a map not initialized in the example code Sub GetElements (m As Map, key As String) As List Dim res As List If m.ContainsKey(key) = False Then <- line37 res.Initialize Return res Else Dim...