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Did you ever wonder where the autocomplete information in the IDE comes from?

Well, i'm not 100% sure but the same information can be found in the XML file from the library that has been used.
In the case of a (B4J) Button the jFX.xml file contains information about the Button and its events, designer properties, methods and their parameters, properties and their parameters and fields.

You can use this tool to consult the documentation of every library XML file.
These files can be found in the Libraries folders or in the AdditionalLibraries folder and its subfolders.
When a library author in the past created a library he also created an XML file with some comments.

In december 2018 @Erel provided a new feature: b4xlib.
This new library type is a zip-file with the source codes (.bas files) from the library inside.
So now most new libraries use this feature.
The author of the library can choose to provide comments in the source code. He doesn't create an XML file anymore.
But you can create your own XML documentation files with this tool: b4xlib XML generation. Be careful NOT to put the resulting XML files in the libraries folders!

And then you can use this tool (Library documentation viewer) to consult the XML documentation file of the b4xlib.

You can find additional information about a specific library in the forum as @klaus suggests for instance in this thread: libraries in message #5.

Hopefully you can find the library information you search more quickly with this tool.
The source code for the Library documentation viewer is in the attachment.
The application uses a treeview and the xml2map library.


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