1. eps

    Games XUI2D - Collisions, or not..

    Okay, I've been trying to combine part of the Space Invaders example with the Space Shooter example and it's just not triggering the collisions between the space ship and the barriers and I just can't see why. I've looked at Tiled and am now happy that the bit mask and so on are correct and...
  2. TelKel81

    Games XUI2D : How to hide an object (Body) ?

    I tried X2BoddyWrapper.IsVisible = False but to no avail. I checked most games in the example pack and I only see deletion of bodies. I just need to make the body invisible/contactless while I animate an explosion over it.
  3. HMdesigner

    Games XNA to ... ?

    Hello, Thank you to Erel, and all those who have created this opportunity to create cross-platform software. I am grateful. I was mostly done creating a game using VB.net and XNA for Windows when I discovered B4X in February. Since then I have been reading the forums trying to understand the...
  4. LucaMs

    Games [XUI2D] debug texts

    Although this line is commented: ' X2.EnableDebugDraw and I have compiled in Release (obfuscated) mode I continue to see the FPS, Bodies, etc. at the bottom of the screen.