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Thank you to Erel, and all those who have created this opportunity to create cross-platform software. I am grateful.

I was mostly done creating a game using and XNA for Windows when I discovered B4X in February. Since then I have been reading the forums trying to understand the best approach to move everything I have over to B4X. I've seen game examples with a background image that scrolls, but I haven't seen any game examples with a large game map that is created one tile at a time.

I don't use TiledMap. My game map is in a two-dimensional array on the disk (created with my own map editor). I draw only what is visible to the player, centered around the tile the Main Character is on. In XNA I draw the visible map one tile larger on all sides, then make a final draw call of the viewport size but offset X or Y pixels based on the character walking.

In XNA the draw depth (z order) is handled by spritebatch.draw(). In B4X I think that I have to do that by looping through the map array five times, once for each of my draw depths.

I don't use any additional shaders. And all the effects are tile-based. My spritesheet.png is 2048x2048, which is 4,096 32x32 tiles. There are some partial tiles, meaning transparency is part of some draw calls. And I do tint a few individual 32x32 tiles from the sprite sheet, and I haven't seen how to do that yet. I'm still reading.

libGDX is not cross platform, so from what I've read so far I think XUI2D is the way to go.

Is there a B4X graphics game developer that can point me down the right path? BitmapCreator, B4Xpages, XUI2D, libGDX ... all of these, some of these, mix and match?

This is what I need to be able to do:

Thank you for your time, and your help.