1. I

    Android Question Camera2 zoom function in Erel code

    Hello everyone, In this post from Erel in September 2017 there is an example of code related to the Camera2 library: Camera2 - New camera library Everything works perfectly. But in this example if you use the zoom and take a photo, it is the unzoomed version of the image that is saved. Do you...
  2. Magma

    Share My Creation [B4X] Video Conference, Audio, Text Chat app - meet@point - Source Code only 29$

    I am proud to present you my new App... for Windows-PC and Android Version (B4J and B4A)... meet@point Is an example - how to create a Video Conference Application... is using MQTT technology... you can use it from Android or Windows PC... you can communicate with Video (webcam, or android...
  3. M

    Android Question Prevent text zoom

    Hi everyone, while testing my app, i noticed that when an user has the text zoom enabled in phone settings, all the sizes of my app are messed up. Is there a way to prevent the phone to change the sizes I set even if the zooming option is enabled in the settings of the phone? Thanks in advance
  4. amorosik

    Italian [B4J] Mappa tipo Google Map - come fare un auto-extend su piu' marker ?

    Dispongo di una mappa, tipo esempio JGoogleMap Due o piu' marker dentro Come fare per avere uno zoom al massimo possibile compatibilmente con la visualizzazione dei marker dentro la mappa? Il classico auto-extend dei programmi cad o funzione simile per capirci
  5. User242424

    B4A Library Amir_ZoomHelper

    Hello World! Another B4A Library that makes any view to be zoomable. šŸ¤© Amir_ZoomHelper Usage : Private ZoomHelper As Amir_ZoomHelper ZoomHelper.Initialize("ZoomHelper",Activity) ZoomHelper.SetViewZoomable(View,True) And you should add this java code to your activity : #if java import...
  6. Mashiane

    B4J Question [BANAno] How can I set & fix the browser window to 80% Zoom?

    Hi there Is it possible to set and fix the browser window when my BANano app starts so that the browser is at 80% Zoom? If possible, please help out with a code snippet please? Thanks
  7. Star-Dust

    B4J Library [B4X] SD_ImageView

    I created a custom ImageView view that allows you to upload an image from the web. Just pass the URL as a parameter This class is B4X but does not depend on the XUI library NOTE: You can use this library for personal and commercial use. Include it in your projects.. Attention, even if it is a...
  8. B

    Wish Dolly zoom effect (Jaws and Vertigo)

    Hi, I'm investigating an app. to be able to easily create the Dolly Zoom effect used in Jaws and other movies. See a sample here: There is no app. for it. To create the effect manually is a pain. My idea would be to have an app. that runs on a phone that can be put on a motorized dummy that...
  9. C

    iOS Question Zoomable ImageView

    I'm looking for an imageview that provides the usual pinch to zoom and panning capabilities. I came across Narek Adonts' libZOOM library, discussed here: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/zoomable-imageview.55185/ but I am having the same issue that Graham Bancroft reported which is...
  10. Star-Dust

    B4i Library SD: ImageCrop

    This new library will allow you to make cuts on images in a square (rectangular), circle and ellipse. Moreover, the image can be enlarged by the user, and rotated to obtain different cuts. I have used XUI libraries, if I have time I convert it to Android. The full version will be distributed to...
  11. R

    Android Question Mobac Custom Mapsforge zoom level 19

    Using OSMDroid 4.1 and made a map of a small area in the UK with Mobac and Custom Mapsforge. Specified zoom levels are from 12 to 19. Format of the map file is OSMDroid SQLite, so file extension is .mbtiles. This is the data in the table metadata in the map file: name value bounds...