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1- selecting a sub will color end sub
and selecting if will color end if ...
(this is very use full when nesting sub and if)

2- when pressing f5 to compile
if it does not find a connected device it will ask to compile or not
i mean not checking for device after letting me wait for 40 sec to compile then i get no device error
or maybe auto compile in background when saving the code so it will be ready when i press f5 (if no changes made)

3- auto updating or checking external lib

4- auto making end sub and end if when writing sub

thank you Erel , i appreciate your hard work

5- make a button in the IDE to auto format the code
(i mean auto making the spaces when nesting)

if .... then
     if ...then
         'do somthing
     end if
end if

i edited the thread to change the title to 5 wishes but i cant find the option to change the title
i wish you fix this also :D
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