2018/2019... a promising end/a bad start


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Hi guys..
Almost done with the first 2019 month, and the last couple of them have been, to say the least, a rollercoaster of, small but yet very annoying, events....
Last November I decided it was time for a career move, and started searching for a "new" job. After a couple of interviews, I finally got an offer and was read to accept it... Sent in my resignation letter with a 1 month warning...
So all was well... I even got a second offer I ended up by accepting...
So I was set... So I thought... 2 days before my last month ended (should end the 25th January), my boss informs me that due to the fact that I work here for more than 2 years, I had to work another month...
This got into my nerves, I almost broke down...
A few days earlier, my wife got into a small accident with our car... Fortunately the car still rolls... Then, last Thursday, my hot water balloon (300L) broke, and we woke up to a small inundation in our kitchen area... In the meanwhile, my PC had given up on life...
Just "small" things, but they just keep pushing the good things from having a chance to happen...

Finally yesterday I got my first break... I managed to exchange my 20HDD collection for a Lenovo L510.

Just have to reinstall all my favourite soft and get back to make some noise...

Does any of you guys have any thoughts to share about the Lenovo?
It does need a new battery... And only has a 160GB HDD... Another than that... What do you guys think?

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Hi Paulo,

Unfortunately, it is almost always the case, the bad thing never comes alone. :(


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I once had to do 4.5 months after resigning. As I was sitting at customers most of the time it was kind of ok altho still a very long period.

At work my 2 coleagues have Lenovo Yoga laptops. I can't say they work flawless but I guess every brand/model has its problems.
I prefer a desktop over a laptop tho. (exept at home as I can work in the couch and watch tv inbetween)


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I once had to do 4.5 months after resigning.

Once working for an Oil company .. I clocked up another 9 months after submitting my resignation.
You would be surprised at the number of crosswords one can complete in that time. :rolleyes: