A Basic4ppc program for the EZKEY module.

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    This program allows you to send Commands to the EZKEY circuit
    board module made by Multilabs. You can use a Pocket PC to send
    commands wirelessly using Bluetooth to a BlueSmirf Bluetooth module.
    The BlueSmirf is wired up to the EZKEY module. The EZKEY module
    was designed to be connected to a PS/2 computer keyboard.

    When all is working properly, you can press a key on the PS/2 keyboard
    and use a Pocket PC to read the keystroke wirelessly across the
    Bluetooth connection between the PDA and the BlueSmirf module.

    The Bluesmirf module used in this example is the version that has the
    MITSUMI chip on the circuit board.

    This program plays a (.wav) file when a button on the PDA is pressed
    so make sure to turn the PDA speaker on to hear the sounds.

    The program was written for the Pocket PC using Basic4ppc.

    The zipped up ARM install (.CAB) file was created using SetupBuilder.

    The file "EZKEY.zip" is the zipped up ARMV4 (.CAB) installation file.
    The file "Ezkeyjpg.JPG" is the screenshot view of the program.
    The file "Ezkey3.sbp" is the Basic4ppc source for the program.

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