Android Question A better EditText?


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I need a better editor for my BasicIDE project than the ExitText view that it presently uses. It doesn't need to be a 'proper' code editor as I can use Quoda for the heavy lifting as that has syntax highlighting and a measure of Intellisense that I don't need to replicate. However I could do with better navigation up and down the code in the IDE when debugging and making minor edits.

The real problem with EditText is that there is no scrollbar to enable rapid vertical scrolling, nor does the text 'fling' when swiped up and down so navigating a large script is painstakingly slow.

I haven't found an existing library with a better alternative and I haven't found anything (so far) on GitHub that I could wrap. Any ideas?
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you are trying to make a mobil code editor that can create a runnable app?