a good PostgreSQL console?

Alexander Stolte

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I switch from MySql to PostgreSQL and i search for a nice ide for the management, i have tested DataGrip, but it is not Free and pgAdmin is a eye cancer without a dark mode :rolleyes:

does anyone have a tip for me? :)


Peter Simpson

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I use this one for MySql and I guess it will work the same. There is a free and paid version.


I used to use DBForge software for MySQL, but I now use HeidiSQL which has a nice clean easy to use and understand user interface. HeidiSQL database manager can connect to and manage multiple databases types. My connection list is a mix of MySQL and Microsoft connections, but it does also connect to PostgreSQL as well.


I also have BUT RARELY USE Database .NET. Its interface is not the best or the easiest to use but Database .NET does connects to Access, Excel, dBase, FoxPro, Firebird, MySQL, SQL Server, SQL Azure, SQLCe,
SQLite, PostgreSQL, Oracle, OLE DB, ODBC, OData, DB2, Informix, Sybase ASE, NuoDB, Terodata, Vertica and normal text and CSV files.

Database .NET (I have the paid version, but you can use the free version)
Fish have some nice free tools, you should look at their website.