[ABMaterial] A call for cooperation on creating proper Documentation


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Hi Guys,

Yes, I know that the Chit-Chat forum is NOT indexed, but I still considered needed the [ABMaterial] prefix...

As some of you know, me and @Harris have decide to tackle the huge task that is Documenting @alwaysbusy Framework. He has agreed with helping us in the ways he can, mostly will be proofing and maybe some bug correction and code advising… but this is exactly what he already does for everyone in this forum.

I am making a call-out for developers who will be willing to help in this endeavour, and I know that there are many that, not considering themselves ABM-proficient nor experts, would be of a huge help in this particular project.

The main Objective of this endeavour will be to create a proper Book/e-Book.

Make no mistake, this is a medium-term project, and I don't foresee this taking less than 6 months to complete, and may well take about a full year to get to a point where there will be something to show the community.

So, the "team" as it stands is composed by:

@alwaysbusy - Creator of the ABMaterial Framework
@Cableguy - Me, the expert at posting Newbie Questions… (and sometimes even answering them)
@Harris - Author of the "ABMaterial For Dummies" series

I would love to get into this team devs like:

@Mashiane - I know you are a very busy dev, but also know you are an Authority in ABMaterial
@OliverA - You have created some very good Custom Components for ABM, which for me is rocket science.
@rwblinn - You are also very Custom-component proficient in ABM… would love to have you.
@PhilipBrown - I rekon you are a "book editor" of some sort… and we know nothing about Book creation/writing...

But I don't limit team candidates to this list… anyone willing to help, can PM me or @Harris and tell us so...

Also, keep in mind that this is not a financial endeavour… expect NO financial return from this...
IF a book is ultimately created, Further discussion will have to take place WITH @alwaysbusy and the remaining team to decide where to go from there… paid Hadcopy with FREE e-book, or just the FREE e-book...

Thank you all for the time taken reading This.
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Marc Van Cauwenberghe

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I will be trying out ABMaterial from next week in. (Again). Really need to make some kind of web app but am still not sure what to use
If you need a some stupid newbee questions they are coming...

José J. Aguilar

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Someone can see the amazing ABMATERIAL, start testing, spend a lot of hours developing and learning... and after all you can think: “well, I’m good enough with this, let’s start working with it for my own profit”.

Here, instead, Cableguy says: “hey, I’m good enough with this, let’s start sharing what I’ve learned to help the forum’s guys”
And he’s “just” one more of that kind of people here.

One more time, proud of this community.


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Thanks for your request = very good initiative.

I have to decline, as haven't been using the ABMaterial framework for almost a year, so rather out of practice - so much happened since.

Wish a good hand in the write up .