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I have an "old" ABMaterial app on 3.x, and it runs fine on Chrome, Edge, IE, and Firefox.

Now I'm building a new ABMaterial application (Version 4.03) based on the template, and it wouldn't go past the spinning circles on IE. On Chrome it works fine but not on the IE. (BTW: In the same IE is the old ABMaterial running fine.)

I removed all security restrictions, everything that I found in the configuration but it changed nothing.

3.x - Chrome=fine, Edge=fine, IE=fine, Firefox=fine
4.x - Chrome=fine, Edge=fine, IE=hang, Firefox=fine

Any idea, why the old version is running fine and the new version - only in the IE - not?

Thanks in advance


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You can try clearing the cache of ie ... or hit a ctrl + f5. If it still doesn't work press f12 to see the ie debug window and look for any errors in console.
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I found this:


Is this helpful?

obviously generate this the syntax error:

const eventListenerOptionsSupported = () => {
    let supported = false;
    try {
        const opts = Object.defineProperty({}, 'passive', {get() {supported = true;}});
        window.addEventListener("test", null, opts);
    } catch (e) { };
    return supported;

sorry, I am not a java guy, what is the error in that script?
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