B4J Question ABMaterial DateTimePicker - bug?


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Hi guys,
i need little :) help...

I try to create modalsheet with ABMaterial (which one is - btw - one of best stuff in my last years :), but I have a problem with DatetimePicker... When I use a example like:

Case "datetime"
' Dim inpDate As ABMInput
' inpDate.Initialize(Stran, Polje.Get("column_name"), ABM.INPUT_DATE, Polje.Get("column_name"), False, "")
' SubPage.Content.CellR(1,1).AddComponent(inpDate)
Dim InpDate As ABMDateTimePicker
Dim NewDate As Long = DateTime.Now
InpDate.Initialize(Stran, "inpDate", ABM.DATETIMEPICKER_TYPE_DATETIME, NewDate, "Izberi datum", "")
InpDate.CancelText = "Back"
InpDate.PickText = "OK"
InpDate.TodayText = "Today"
InpDate.Language = "en"
InpDate.ReturnDateFormat = "DD-MM-YYYY"
InpDate.ReturnTimeFormat = "HH:mm"
InpDate.FirstDayOfWeek = 0

The page will not be created - i get a error:


It's a bug in example or ?

I will be very very thankfull when I can get some help...

Tnx, Darko


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Jap, exists, but not in \css\ folder; file *.css exists in same folder where is created page...

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