B4J Question [ABMaterial] how to change / set "top" of NavigationBar? [solved]


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in module ABMShared i can set width and height of my new image / logo;
Sub BuildNavigationBar(page As ABMPage, Title As String, logo As String, ActiveTopReturnName As String, ActiveSideReturnName As String, ActiveSideSubReturnName As String)     'ignore
    ' we have to make an ABMImage from our logo url
    Dim sbtopimg As ABMImage
    sbtopimg.Initialize(page, "sbtopimg", logo, 1)
    sbtopimg.SetFixedSize (266, 222) 'here i set real dimension of image
    page.NavigationBar.Initialize(page, "nav1", ABM.SIDEBAR_MANUAL_HIDEMEDIUMSMALL, Title, True, True, 330, 48, sbtopimg, ABM.COLLAPSE_ACCORDION, "nav1theme")
    page.NavigationBar.TopBarDropDownConstrainWidth = False
    page.NavigationBar.ActiveTopReturnName = ActiveTopReturnName
    page.NavigationBar.ActiveSideReturnName = ActiveSideReturnName
    page.NavigationBar.ActiveSideSubReturnName = ActiveSideSubReturnName
    ' you must add at least ONE dummy item if you want to add items to the topbar    in ConnectNaviagationBar
    page.NavigationBar.AddTopItem("DUMMY", "{NBSP}", "", "", False)
    ' you must add at least ONE dummy item if you want to add items to the sidebar
    page.NavigationBar.AddSideBarItem("DUMMY", "{NBSP}", "", "")
End Sub
now, how to set "top" of NavigationBar or "top" of first SideBarItem ?


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