B4J Question [ABMaterial] Local Video Player Control Problem

serro efe

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Hi there
I am trying to play videos with ABmaterial.
There is no problem in the examples. But I need to play videos from the local directory.
For this, I put a temporary video in the images folder. I can start and stop this video with "InitializeYouTube" and "Initializevimeo" with the external button.
But I cannot disable video controls. I should have full control. The user should not interfere with videos and video space.
With "InitializeHTML5" I disable the controls, but I cannot start and stop with external buttons. Does anyone have a suggestion for this?
Also, how can I create a trigger when the video ends. To start a new video or to play it again.
The relevant parts of the code are below;
Test code:
public Sub ConnectPage()          
    '    connecting the navigation bar
    'video3.InitializeYouTube(page, "video3", "big_buck_bunny.mp4", "http://localhost:51042", False, False, False, 50)
    'video3.InitializeVimeo(page, "video3","big_buck_bunny.mp4", True, False)
     video3.InitializeHTML5(page, "video3","big_buck_bunny.mp4",False, "video/mp4")
    'video3.SetFixedSize(500, 400)
End Sub

Sub b1_Clicked(Target As String)

'    video3.Refresh
'    video3.Pause
End Sub

Sub b2_Clicked(Target As String)

'    video3.Refresh
'     video3.Play
End Sub