B4J Question [ABMaterial] Retrieve custom component


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Is there a way to retrieve a custom component as its class type? For example, with existing components, one can retrieve it with
Dim myLabel As ABMLabel = modal.Content.Cell(1,1).Component("aLabel")
One can the use all methods of an ABMLabel with the instance myLabel.
With a custom component, I only seem to be able to do
Dim myCustom As ABMCustomComponent = modal.Content.Cell(1,1).Component("aCustomComponent")
I can the only access methods of the ABMCustomComponent class via the myCustom instance, not any methods that I added to the custom component. The only two workarounds I can think of is 1) declare myCustom in Globals or 2) use the Tag property to communicate with the custom component and then trigger a call to its ABMComp_Refresh via calling the Refresh method of the ABMCustomComponent class.