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Wow, impressive!!!

Has been a good learning project, with challenges, to get on with ABMaterial:
  • Designing the class structure enabling data collection (with proper error handling), adding additional device sources (i.e. started with TinkerForge but planned to include Arduino or ESP - B4R).
  • Finding a (simple) charting framework. Looked at chartist, frappe, googlecharts ... but found to complex to use esp. displaying real-time data ... ended up with Chart.js (good examples and documentation).
  • Develop Custom Component for Chart JS to display line charts. Enhance the JustGage Custom Component properties. For both Custom Components a single property map is used.
  • Develop getter for the TinkerForge devices using Inline Java.
  • Handle settings via dedicated settings page.
  • Got a few things on the todo list - but for later as starting a new Lego BLE project.
A project like this, is a good Proof of Concept for the power of B4J (B4X) with the ABMaterial Framework!