B4R Question About ESP32CAM


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Hey, guys
All very well
Will any of you get good quality with the ESP32 camera?
Does anyone have an example that works B4A For ESP32cam If you can share
I'll be very grateful.
Se alguém puder me dizer onde posso ativar a função para salvar fotos no cartão, eu não entendo nada em C++
Usei alguns exemplos do fórum sem sucesso
Thank you already
Peace in your heart
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For 01 If you go to the ESP32 examples in Arduino there is the CameraWebServer example which creates great image quality (be sure to set the right camera in the sketch by commenting the others and uncommenting the proper one). For 02 take advantage of this example and change the image to byte array (chat GPT is on the run to help you) and (maybe you need to) wrap it for b4r. For 03 I think the CameraWebServer covers it (not sure though). For 04 there is an example by someone here which creates grayscale images you can use in b4r but the speed is not its best trait (and I do not remember the user and the thread).
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