Accidently sold an B4J app

Actually I use B4x as a hobby (I'm working in an it department for decades). So I didn't want to spend time to do support for other companies. By chance I had a contact to a company (german fashion association) which wanted to replace their Word-macro which creates pdf invoices. It took several ours to run and wasn't handy at all.

So I started developing on my couch for 1-2 hours for 3 days or so and presented the app to them. The runtime decreased to less than 7 secs and I added some other features in "minutes" (like debt collecting and tax reports). Of course there were some small issues but I was able to fix these in minutes, too. The company was impressed about everything (they have other suppliers which need weeks to do even small things).

BTW: Google is running a digitalization campaign here in Germany to support small businesses in times of Corona with the trade association (the company is part of them).



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Accidently sold an B4J app

As in the story of Billy Joe and Bobby Sue:
Go on, Take the money and run.... Hoo, hoo, hoo....