B4R Question Adafruit Motor Shield Ver. 2.3

Mark Read

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Simple question: The library here from Erel allows the control of stepper and dc motors. But which library do I use to control the servo motors?

I have no hardware to test at the moment. What about the rServo Library? Anyone used this shield?

Many thanks.
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I played around with rServo for hobby servo motors on an esp8266. It worked fine.
Not recommended but I hooked it directly to the esp8266 board pins, which are only 3.3 volts.
Hobby Servo Motor
I think a lot of those "other" libraries are over done for controlling a motor IF you have a motor control board.
Usually you have an enable pin and a pin that gets a pwm signal and then you set the other two pins one high and one low depending on the direction you want to turn. CW or CCW.
DC Motor Control Board

I haven't played with Stepper Motors in a while. But they were pretty much the same. You just need to "enable" the windings to get it to step or microstep depending on your needs.
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