Adapt a b4a Code to b4i


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I'm developing a software in a B4a and I was wondering if there is an option that someone Develop the B4i version. The software include

The software is 50% advance developing (Working modulos with no problem)

- SqlLite CRUD
- BBZing (CodeBar), Okhttputils2, Dialogs, Json (So far) libraries use

I Expect to Switch to JRDC2 if the software works in the market.

The software is a Price List managment for Wine bar and Stores in Direct connection with the Wine Manufacturers. Also there is a Client Version.

If you are interested Pleas PM so we can Quote this.

Thanks and best regards


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Good Day,

I'm pleased to quote in the conversion of the b4a version to b4i. The most efficient method is to migrate the code and visuals. You will have to be willing to share the source and we can sign a non disclosure to protect your IP. Upon seeing the scope of the functionality I will be able to provide an estimate based on the approx man hours to replicate in b4i.