Admob CPM 126€

Have you ever had a CPM this high?

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Hi B4Xers,

Ive just done my weekly check on AdMob and found something really strange.

In the last week, I had an unbelievable CMP of 126€, its the first time a made more than 100€ per week. Im really excited about that but I know that this will go down as fast as it went up :(

Has anyone of you ever had a CPM like that? Normally its like 2€ for me.



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1.5-2 is already good for most people.

126 is indeed insane and means a very high clickthrough rate.

I hope for you that they don't roll back earnings if they notice some weirdness there.


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Yeah @sorex I hope the same too. If this was the normal CPM I think no one would be moaning about AD Revenue.