AerServ - Maximize your in app revenue with video


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Greetings B4A Developers!

I have some exciting news that I wanted to share with you. AerServ is now offering a guaranteed $6 CPM with our interstitial unit. We work with various Fortune 500 advertisers and brands allowing you to access premium eCPMs. With the combination of Q4 being around the corner and AerServ's exclusive Max promotion, now is the time to truly take advantage and supercharge your ad revenue.

Promotion details:

- Must integrate our Max SDK.
- Up to 1MM impressions per month.
- US traffic only (we can monetize your international as well)
- $6 CPM guaranteed for first 30 days.

Let's kick off Q4 with a bang!

PM me if you have any questions! Take advantage of our high paying campaigns today!

Skype: StaceHarr|[email protected]