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AGS Stream v2.1.5 2/11/13

Adventure Game Studio is Software for Windows that can create 1st and 3rd person point and click adventure games( Games can run on Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS, Android and Sony PSP. AGS Stream is a tool created for the Adventure Game Engine: AGS(Adventure Game Studio). This tool is not the run-time or engine itself. It is merely an app that will assist in downloading and installing the game of your choosing onto your Android Device. You can purchase the app for $1.15 here:

New Version:
AGS 2.1.5 (2/11/13)

-Changed the Image logo again to better fit the play store, thanks to Selmiak.

-Resized Icon.
-Fixed an error that appears if the device does not have an internet connection.
-Fixed the notification area to properly tell you when a game is being installed or has succeeded or not.
-Adjusted some layouts for different size devices. It still will not be perfect, but it will be better.
-When clicking on the game download notification, it will take you to the apps main page.
-When clicking on a game, the main page will no longer interrupt the page while loading its list of games.
-Downloading on Tablets has been fixed.
-Fixed an issue where if you downloaded a game and then return to any games listing, the notification would report that the game download was %100 when in fact it was still downloading.

-Added a new game

-Updated to the latest AGS Build.

It is now updated to Version 2.1.1

It contains a few features such as:

-Feature Game (With every update, the Featured Game will change)
-9 Games currently installable.
-All games are hosted on my private server to ensure that the games never become unavailable.
-All Games have the project developer listed right below the title.
-Each game gives you a screenshot and brief description along with how large the download will be.
-The app will download, extract and install the game for you.
-The app will download and install the latest daily build of AGS for Android at the time of upgrade/installation.
-Search feature so you can easily find a game you know you want. With 9 games currently available, it shouldn't be too hard to find anyway, but as the database expands, you want to have a search feature so that you can find games easily.
-Slightly different Interface.
-Other little things such as bug fixes, etc...

A new version of the app will be updated to contain a new list of games and features. This will be done once a week. At times, with the updates, new features will also be made available with the App.


AGS Stream 2.1 Update Log (2/8/2013)

Sorry for this one, I had to pull it originally from the store as I noticed a major bug in it. Either way, I have now re-uploaded and it is ready to go.

-No new games added. I apologize for that. Getting the kinks out of AGS has been very difficult and I had to focus all my time on that for now. However, the next update will have an additional 21 games, bringing it up to 30 games. That will be later in this week or early next.

-Updated the Menu system so that it works with the older and the newer versions of Android OS, especially for devices without a hard menu button.
-We now have an action bar which works very well with the design of the app.

-JJS has updated his port to Android and therefore it has been included in this update. A new notable feature is that you can use the menu button to bring up the keyboard. Another feature is that its configuration settings are now available and exposed to outside apps, therefore, In the next version coming, we now can allow users to set configuration options for AGS and for the games in general. At the moment it may work, at times it may not. Need to investigate whats going on.

-The App now properly checks if AGS has been installed or not and will prompt you upon the first time you run the app to install it.
-If you do not have the latest daily build of AGS, the app will also prompt you to update AGS.
-Downloading and extracting has been fixed. Therefore, games will properly install whether you are using viewing the app or the game page or not.
-Notification telling you what percentage of the game is downloaded and what its current process is. Please note though that if your device is charging, the notification may not appear properly.
-Fixed some bug fixes.
-Improved App performance.

Games Page:
-If the game has a Youtube vide, you will now have a menu option to view the youtube video.
-If your game provides you with errors, or if your game is not installed properly, you will have the option to re-install the game now or to delete the game directory.

Release Notes for V2.0.0 (1/31/2013)
-More Games coming soon!
- Added a Genre Page for the games and an installed games view.
- Removed Landscape version and different size versions. The app works on almost %100 of all devices and From Android 3+ you can stretch the app on your screen to make it compatible (Built in feature with Android, not this app). So, the app should look good enough on any device. It may not end up looking pretty, but at the very least, smartphones should look good.
- Changed the application icon (Thanks to Selmiac from the AGS Forums)
- Changed Play Store details and description as well as version number.
- You will have a link that takes you to the Official AGS Web site.
- Demo App will no longer be updated.

- Updated the interface to look a little cleaner, have a better color scheme that fits in with AGS and its website.
- We included Menu Item both on the main page and also on the games page itself.
- You can now swipe left to right and vice versa on the main page to switch between pages.

- The app will have a smaller footprint than it did before when adding new games. Before we would add the screenshots into the apps resources, making the app larger and larger. This time around, the games list and page will simply load the games screenshot off the web, meaning that the app size will hardly increase as games are added.

AGS Runtime:
-Latest Run Time Build has been added.
-If you have AGS already installed, you can still install the latest version through the app.

Games Page Features:
- New Menu option to take you to the games official web site.
- New Menu option that takes you to the games AGS Database page where you can find more details about the game and user reviews.
- New Menu option that takes you to the main page.
- New Menu option if the game is installed that launches AGS and allows you to play the game.
- If a Game is installed, you can uninstall the game.

New Features:
- You have a "Help" option in the menu that helps you get around the app.
- You have a "What is AGS" option in the menu explaining what AGS is.
- You also have an "About" Section giving you information on the team that brought you AGS.
- Added a Progress Notification to the downloads so that you are aware the game is still downloading.

Bug Fixes:
- Some people were saying that they were having download issues. I looked into it, tinkered with what I could and hope that it solved the issue.
- ANR keyDispatchingTimedOut errors that Many Galaxy S3 and Nexus 7 users were experiencing should be fixed now, or at the very least, made to happen less frequently.
-Freeze ups after the game downloads have been fixed.

V1.0.3 - 1/16/13 (11:58PM Eastern Time)
-Fixed a couple of Typos
-Fixed a couple of bugs
-Added more games
-Displayed the developer under the games name
-A new featured game is displayed.
-Latest Daily Android Build of AGS Run-Time.
-On the games page, you will now know how big the game file is.

V1.0.2 - 1/16/13 (9:20PM Eastern Time)
-Added a few more games.
-Fixed a couple of bugs
-Added the ability to search for a game as they are put in.


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The app has been updated and much improved. Once I get all my ducks in order, I will give proper credit for all the libraries I used.