Android Question AHSwipeToRefresh/UIRefreshControl Drawers & xCLV


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I´ve been using the UIRefreshControl (link) which is a very nice (design) option.

I have been seeing the xCLV push to refresh, but it is not a nice graphic solution.

Finally, I tried to use AHSwipeToRefresh (which has a very nice interface), but I´m unable to use it together with B4XDrawer, which contains a xCLV inside the main panel (due too child problems). Is there any change that AHSwipeToRefresh could solve the parent children issues with B4X drawer?

On the other hand, if you touch the screen from AHSwipeToRefresh (for ex you are at the bottom of the CLV) and swipe with your finger down (because you are trying to scroll up, it fires the refresh, and this does not happen with the UIRefreshControl, AHSwipeToRefresh does not makes a difference between scrolling the xCLV and requesting a refresh.