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Align in a textbox.

Discussion in 'Questions (Windows Mobile)' started by EdQas, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. EdQas

    EdQas Member Licensed User

    Is it possible to use an align property in a textbox : left, center or right ? :signOops:

    Thank you.

  2. EdQas

    EdQas Member Licensed User

    take a really look at the forum...

    Once more !
    I found it in the forum, using the formlib.dll !!

  3. RandomCoder

    RandomCoder Well-Known Member Licensed User

    This is :sign0006: but EdQas your avatar is brilliant!

    RandomCoder :cool:
  4. EdQas

    EdQas Member Licensed User

    About my avatar

    I found this avatar very near of the reality : hair going away and always smoking !
    Thank you.

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