Wish (All IDEs) 'Find All References' improvements


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The 'Find All References' feature is extremely useful to track vars/Subs usages inside and across modules, specially in large projects. However, I find it could be more intuitive and user-friendly.

1. The way the results are sorted inside a module is not its 'natural' order inside that module.

At least for me, it is not very intuitive. Seems that it is first sorted by the name of the Sub where it appears and then by the appearances of the tracked var inside that Sub.
For me, the right way would be to sort them inside each module by the line number where they appear. So, if I go from top to bottom of the resulting list I'll also go from top to bottom 'appearance' of that var in each module where it is contained.

For instance, I want to track my 'devicesSeen' variable, which appears in several modules.
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the order in which 'devicesSeen' appears in the first module is not its natural order inside that module. For instance, line 6
Dim devicesSeen as Map
happens in 'Process_Globals' (the first in that module), whilst line 5
happens later in the module's 'Initialize' Sub (later in that module)

2. Be able to navigate (cursor up/down) the 'Find All References' results while the editor just follows the selected line.

Sometimes we just need to open a big project and take a fast look to how and where that var is used in order to refresh it. I need to do it quite often for several vars in order to refresh things. Clicking on each line is not very agile.

If the user could 'navigate' the found references and the editor would directly jump to them, this would make the experience of tracking a var much more agile. Now they can be UP/DOWN navigated, but the IDE just follows the selected entry when you click on it or press ENTER, and need to select again in order to see another entry, since the control is returned to the source window.