Alpha Com 88 Serial TX / RX Program for the Witstech A81 Tablet MID.


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I have converted the AlphaCom 88 Basic4ppc program written on the
LG Fathom Mobile Phone to a version for the Witstech A81 7-inch tablet.

The program allows you to transmit one of 88 different ASCII character values
across a Bluetooth wireless serial port connection.

Screenshots, code and installation file are listed below.

I find that on the A81 you have to have both the WiFi and Bluetooth
enabled before the Bluetooth will actually work and communicate with
an external device.

I have tried to enable just the Bluetooth alone, the device will go through
the motions of trying to connect but nothing seems to happen. So enable
both the WiFi and the Bluetooth in the Settings screen and then save the

When the A81 boots up you need to run the "Rotate Screen" app to rotate
the screen first and then run the "A81AlphaCom88" program.


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