AlphaCom 256 for the Samsung Mondi.


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I have compiled a version of the AlphaCom 256 Bluetooth Serial Transmit
program for the Samsung Mondi. The program shell's out to the "Lndsc90.exe"
program to rotate the screen 90 degrees.

I am using this program with an external Firefly Bluetooth module to send
serial characters to external hardware.

When the program is run for the first time on the Samsung Mondi I am
getting some garbled graphic images on the main Form1 screen. If I
exit out of the program and then start it again the Form1 screen does
not have any garbled images. I am still trying to figureout a way to clear
out the Form1 screen area first so that I do not see any garbled images.
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this? I have not had
this problem on any of the PDA devices or Windows Mobile phone that I
have been using, it has only shown up when using the Samsung Mondi.

Below are some screenshot images and the Basic4ppc source code
and Zipped up (.CAB) installation file.


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