An amazing tester phone


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I got a hold of what I think is an amazing deal for a tester phone:

On Amazon, in the USA, this phone is going for under $65. I got a hold of one that I just use for testing. In quality, I would almost compare it to my Nexus 5. I do notice the camera image is rotated versus the image from my Nexus 5 – no biggie.

I took out the SIM – I don't use it for phone calls.



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Hi Barry,

good to know. Considering its selling price on
I guess that I can fly low-cost to the States, buy the phone and go back home spending a bit less than buying from

ps: ok, the ASIN is different but the model seems the right one.
pps: I wrote this just for fun, waiting for the coffee to awake my too lazy brain


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