.. and another project where B4J is used..

A few days ago I started a project - a tester for twisting frames for switches and sockets. I am employed in a company that manufactures electrical installation material. We produce mostly all semi-finished products and parts for the assembly of products ourselves, including injection molding of plastics and pressing of duroplasts. During production, deviations occur due to various factors, such as the materials themselves, machine settings and, of course, the human factor.
It turns out that there is a need for a test device for twisting the frames and with this method also testing the fragility of the frames. This method ensures the same procedure as well as the same conditions for performing the tests.
The test rig consists of a Nema23 stepper motor with a 20:1 gear ratio. A Postep60-256 driver is used to control the stepper motor, which can communicate via the I2C protocol, via the Modbus protocol or via the USB port. The communication library in Python is the work of the company Irnas, with whom I have been working for a long time and they are part of many of my projects.
For the user interface, I used RPI 3 (my favorite piece of equipment) and since there are not many settings and dialogs, I used Hyperpixel 4.0 display (which is sometimes very capricious).
And of course, everything is connected and managed by an application made with B4J.

Many parts are made with a 3D printer, they are still prototypes in the pictures. At the time of writing the article, the final versions are already being printed.


The device allows several modes of operation: manual mode - moving the motor forward or backward by 1°, automatic cycle by 5°, zeroing the device for the initial position, setting parameters for operation...

Of course, all this is very easy to do with B4J - once again it proved to be a useful tool for various projects.

Thank you for this wonderful product.


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