Android Question Annoying wifi connectivity problem

Harish Kumar Arya

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I am designing an app for IoT(internet of things) project which needs seamless connectivity between various SSIDs.
App stores SSID-pwd pair in DB and when a particular IoT device pops up in wifi scan list, it is connected to phone automatically.
I have tried 5 wifi libraries contributed by the community (ABWifi, jhwifi,VBWep,MLwifi, WifiConnect).
Each library has its pros and cons.
But libraries having connectivity methods (VBWep, Wificonnect) can not reliably connect to listed SSIDs.
It seems they depend upon phone's native connectivity.
Coz when I pass SSID to method without password, it still connects to the network whose SSID is given.
But when I forget all networks, then it fails to connect with correct password. Still crazy, irrespective of given SSID, it connects to a phone remembered SSID which is not supplied in the method.
Any help greatly appreciated.