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Discussion in 'Share Your Creations' started by RichardW, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. RichardW

    RichardW Member Licensed User

    Updated source Oct 1/09. Starting with DigitalDon37's quotes.sbp, I have built a version to meet my tastes and needs as an active stock trader. All source and supporting files are provided in the ZIP. Note that desktop and device projects are for Basic4PPC v6.50 and do not support VGA.

    Tested on desktop and IPAQ H2210 with CF modem. Zip comes with cache and 2 stock lists ready to go. Please report bugs.

    April 30,2010 - Removed dlls from zip.

    You can see some pics and get the executables at
    myQuotes in Basic4PPC

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  2. digitaldon37

    digitaldon37 Active Member Licensed User

    Very nice!
  3. NSchmitz

    NSchmitz New Member Licensed User

    MyQuotes Bugs

    Hi RichardW,

    Great stock application. I'm really happy you released the source.
    I'm begining to study how it works.

    In my first looks I've found 2 problems:

    1. In processing certain stock symbols (ZEUS, EHTH), the MyQuotes
    gets "lost" with the field splitting of the full company name

    "Olympic Steel, Inc"

    because it contains a comma.
    The effect is that all fields extracted are shifted.

    2. In processing a stock market index like ^DJI,
    the refresh quotes cammand causes the display of the next
    symbol in the list to be changed to a number. Also, the stock
    index fields are not displayed. Do I have the wrong format
    for the market index?

    Thanks in advance for your attention to these items.

    Nick. B4P nooB
  4. RichardW

    RichardW Member Licensed User

    Yes the program expects comma delimited data. Should you have a company name or other text field that include commas you will notice some fields out of sync with their data. Use the Comma Filter option located under the View menu to remove out of place commas - if found between quotes. Not sure how effective this will be but you can improve the code. It cannot handle numbers with embedded commas only text fields so "Olympic Steel, Inc" should be fixed.

    I never tested stock indices so not surprised things may be messed up. I will look into it and get back to you. If in the meantime you solve the problem please post the fix so I can include it in the next update.
  5. RichardW

    RichardW Member Licensed User

    I have tried the indices and they seem to work ok for me. Tired refreshing and all items seem to be properly positioned. Let me know what data elements you have chosen to download and their order. also you may want to go to the myquotes web page and download the latest version.

    Also the remove commas routine works but is in the wrong place which is why ZEUS is causing problems during refresh. Will fix that soon and update web page.
  6. RichardW

    RichardW Member Licensed User

    The source code zip has been updated with a fix for company names with embedded commas. also improved form resizing behaviour on desktop. The test bed now has 3 indices in the cache directory as well as ZEUS - company with comma in name.
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