Android Question api-ms-win-crt-private-l1-1-0.dll Problem


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Hi all

I have reinstalled b4a in windows 8.1, there is an error message when I try to run and build the application:

the program can't start because api-ms-win-crt-private-l1-1-0.dll is missing

B4A Version: 10.2
Java Version: 11
Parsing code. (0.00s)
Building folders structure. (0.02s)
Compiling code. (0.12s)
Compiling layouts code. (0.01s)
Organizing libraries. (0.00s)
(AndroidX SDK)
Generating R file. Error

The aforementioned dll exists, but in C:\java\jdk-11.0.1\javafx\bin and in the C:\java\jdk-11.0.1\bin folders, when I copied it to the C:\Android\build-tools\30.0.2 folder where there is aapt.exe , the same message appeared.
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I found it, thanks!

I used the version 27.0.1 for build tools and it work correctly.
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