App based on Ewelink software for control of wifi modules

Discussion in 'Job Offers' started by softmicro, Jul 19, 2019.

  1. softmicro

    softmicro Member Licensed User

    I need to make an application like eWelink to control WIFI devices.
    These electronic devices I have already made.
    It is not the same application named, but I'm interested in certain graphic screens that use card view to update parameters.
    I would also need the application in B4J or PHP to work in my domain and control the flow of information between the application in B4A and Wi-Fi modules ESP8266.

    If there is someone interested I can give details of my need by private mail adding screenshots of what I need.
    I can also share my equipment working for the eWelink application, so they can see online how it works.

    For living in a Latin American country, it would be interesting to make contacts with developers who speak Spanish.
    However, I accept all those interested in working on my specific application.
    I'm sorry for my English.
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