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Hi all.

Here is my problem. I have 2 tablets and one docking station that I use to control Plex on my TV. So while one is charging the other is on the table or couch or in my hands.

So.... I figured While the one is charging why not let it do something? Like show a photo album? (Wife loves this!) That is what this little program does. If the tablet is charging it starts one program and if is not it start another program.

This app runs at Android startup.

To adapt it to your own use you need to change the apps that run.

If you look in the Startup (NOT Starter) service you want to change the following vars to whatever programs you want to run.

Dim Program2RunWhenCharging As String = "com.sadLogic.KitchenEssentials"
Dim Program2RunWhenNotCharging As String = ""
There is also a helper function that will return all installed apps so you can find what you need. It is at the bottom of the Startup service and outputs all installed apps to the log window.

I will eventually put a GUI on it and put it in the Android Store for free. But it works so I thought I would share.

OK, Have FUN!!!


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