iOS Question [App Store Connect] Does your app use encryption?


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Hello to all,
I apologize in advance if the post is a bit long but I think it is important and useful also for other people (besides me) who use B4i and who have to publish on the App Store.
I was trying to figure out what is the correct thing to do in my case.

My client who is the holder of the Apple Developer account is asking me to be able to test the app and therefore I am activating the test flight environment but when I try to add the "Individual Testers" I am asked two questions related to the " Export Compliance Information "

1) Does your app use encryption?
2) Is your app eligible for the exemptions described in Category 5, Part 2 of the United States Export Administration Regulations?

@aeric post
If I answer "Yes" as it suggests @BillMeyer within this post "(App Store Connect) Features: Encryption" ( a subsequent question appears, the 2nd one that I have reported above and I don't know exactly what to answer

I state that my app uses the rest api (drupal) with https (Basic Auth) protocol. Me is the only encryption it uses for communication with the remote server.
I also state that within B4i I am leaving the default setting #ATSEnabled: True.

Also I noticed that if I answer "Yes" to the second question I get this info: "If you use ATS or HTTPS, you must send a year-end self-classification report to the US government.".
Considering that I am reponding on behalf of the apple developer account holder (my client) I would not want to mess with him by answering incorrectly.

How to get out of this impasse to properly provide the Test Flight environment to my client?
Thanks in advance for your suggestions / indications.


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