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  1. ssg

    ssg Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Hi All,

    I present you another monetization option, AppBrain!

    AppBrain is probably more known as a web based Android Market search and analytics thingy.

    They actually also provide monetization options, and the results are so far quite good too ( looks better than Admob :D )

    AppBrain's SDK shows offerwalls or interstitials to the users to download more (I think they're all FREE) games. Everytime a user downloads and installs games, you make some revenue.

    Ok, steps:

    1 - Register at Android App Monetization - Advertising & App Monetization with AppBrain

    2 - If you cannot access your details yet, you will either need to wait for the confirmation mail from AppBrain or you can try contacting their support.

    3 - Download their SDK, it should be named appbrain-sdk-android.jar

    4 - Download the attached zip file, and add all the contents plus the SDK from step 3 into your extras folder.

    5 - Manifest file, add following before the application close tag:

    <!-- AppBrain SDK -->
    activity android:configChanges="keyboard|keyboardHidden|orientation" 
    "com.appbrain.AppBrainActivity" />
    service android:name="com.appbrain.AppBrainService" />        
    <receiver android:exported=
    "true" android:name="com.appbrain.ReferrerReceiver" >
            <action android:name=
    "com.android.vending.INSTALL_REFERRER" />
    6 - Permission required: <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET"/>

    7 - In your code:

    Sub Globals
    Dim ab As MESAppBrain
    End Sub

    Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime As Boolean)
    End Sub
    You should initialise the object in your main activity, as the AppBrain's SDK actually records very valuable information which you can access from developer dashboard.

    8 - In your code:

    Sub Activity_KeyPress (KeyCode As Int) As Boolean 'return true if you want to consume the event
       If keycode = KeyCodes.KEYCODE_BACK Then
    Dim xa As Int
          xa = 
    Msgbox2("Download more fun games from AppBrain now!""More Games!""Download""""Maybe Later"Null)
    If xa = DialogResponse.POSITIVE Then
    'or showInterstitial
          End If
    End If
    Return False
    End Sub
    And that's it.

    Do note that the developer dashboard is not updated real time.

    Some very useful analytics that you can get include daily new installs, daily active users, search terms used to search for your game/app, active versions and a whole lot more!

    AppBrain's SDK also makes your app clean looking with no in-game ads and only 1 permission, so you have this option now.

    Drawback, I hope they improve the dashboard, as right now it does not show overall revenue summary.

    By the way, I have been emailing the co-founder of AppBrain, Uwe Maurer, in regards to the SDK, and he has been very helpful. Hope he'll drop by to further encourage the B4A community.


    **** Update 5th April 2012 ****

    New version 1.1

    Added a new method "alwaysShowInterstitial" which will always show the interstitial (duh! thank you mr obvious!).

    This version should also be B4A V1.8 friendly, added the dependson thingy. (Can tell I am no java person eh?)

    Back up your stuff before trying this one out.

    Good luck!


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  2. bluedude

    bluedude Well-Known Member Licensed User

    I have seen a presentation on this on Droidcon Amsterdam, pretty good stuff!

    It seems interstitials have a good score in terms of ad revenue.

  3. ssg

    ssg Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Hi bluedude,

    You are quite right with the revenue part. I was just checking out GreyStripe interstitial implementation in my apps, and the revenues for November were pretty impressive. The CTR was at about 10% and the eCPM more than $3, combined together makes for pretty good revenue indeed.

    AppBrain's one too has been pretty good in the week or so that I have been using it.

  4. Inman

    Inman Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Wow! you are getting eCPM of more than $3? I get around $0.15 eCPM with Admob. On Appbrain's site they say publishers get around $2 to $4 CPM (not eCPM) on their network.

    Are you sure it is eCPM and not CPM for you? I would love to compare it to AdMob but they show only eCPM.
  5. ssg

    ssg Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Hi Inman,

    The $3 eCPM I mentioned above is for Greystripe interstitial ads, not AppBrain's.

    AppBrains dashboard lacks a lot of reporting features, so I am not sure what my eCPM is exactly with AppBrain.

  6. Paul Harris

    Paul Harris New Member

    What is the CTR you are getting??
  7. vb1992

    vb1992 Well-Known Member Licensed User

  8. ssg

    ssg Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Hi Paul,

    The CTR from Greystripe, as mentioned above, is at slightly above 10% (for month of November). For AppBrain, they are in the midst of improving their reporting tools, so right now I have no idea on it.

    And yes, interstitial ads are good, they take no real estate on your app, and if implemented right wont be intrusive to the users.

  9. ssg

    ssg Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Hey all... just thought I'd share with you... I've received first payment for december on Jan 13th! Thats a wait time of less than 30 days... awesome! (Leadbolt is the other network that has it like this!)

    Also was informed that the dashboard / reporting tools are in the midst of upgrading.. should help with better revenue reporting!

  10. nad

    nad Active Member Licensed User

    Thanks a lot for this library ssg.
    I have added it to some apps following your indications but not getting any info in the ad report in the AppBrain console. I have even installed one of the apps clicking on the Appbrain adwall using a friend's mobile but it does not appear in the console.
    Does it take too long to update the stats?

    Thanks in advance!!
  11. ssg

    ssg Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Hi nad,

    Yep, it takes a very long time unfortunately :( One of my app took a few days before it showed in the apps list. But the stats are recorded. So even though the app showed a few days later, all the stats from the first day I added the sdk in is showing.

    Also, please remember to do this:
    In app brain section "all your apps", make sure you click the app's "add sdk" link, and accept the second screen also. Without this you wont be able to see your app's stats.

    Let me know if you need further assistance :D

    Really hope their dashboard is updated soon, and that app stats are added faster.
  12. PharCyDeD

    PharCyDeD Active Member Licensed User

    How is this going? Are you still using App Brain? I am looking for good ways to monetize my upcoming apps and just curious of what is getting the most clicks. I was approved for LeadBolt, but have yet to release an app. My first app should be released pretty soon though and I am curious of your thoughts.
  13. nad

    nad Active Member Licensed User

    Hello Phar,

    AppBrain is working great for me. Specially one application that is more intended for "techies" and those love to install new apps so the AppWall works incredibly well with that one.


  14. ssg

    ssg Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Yep, I agree with nad. Among the 3 "walls" ad types, so far AppBrain is still the best performing one.

    Plus the analytics is really awesome and you cant get some of these info from other places.

  15. PharCyDeD

    PharCyDeD Active Member Licensed User

    Thanks guys...I know it is different for different people, apps, situations, etc...but just wanted to pick your brain a bit on this ;)
  16. nad

    nad Active Member Licensed User

    AppBrain has just released a new sdk jar.

  17. ssg

    ssg Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Any idea what changes are in the update?

  18. susu

    susu Well-Known Member Licensed User

    I don't see any change. I just download new AppBrain sdk and replace the old one. It works with my old project.
  19. ssg

    ssg Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Thats great susu. :) Thanks for the feedback!

  20. nad

    nad Active Member Licensed User

    Yep same for me, just downloaded the latest sdk. But have the following message for all the apps i have not released with the new one:

    One or more of your apps are using an outdated SDK. Please download the latest version from https://github.com/swisscodemonkeys/appbrain-sdk and include it in the next update of your apps.
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