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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by aaronk, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. aaronk

    aaronk Well-Known Member Licensed User


    Not really related to B4i but more related to Apple (reason I posted in the Chit Chat forum), and hoping someone here knows the answer.

    For those that have signed up and got an Apple Developer account..

    During the sign up it asks for your name, phone number and address.

    Anyone know what the address is used for? Is it just in case Apple want to send something to use in the post, or is it publicly viewed by the end user, and is it part of the receipt that Apple issue to end users when they purchase the app? (I have never purchased an app on iOS before, so not sure what Apple email the end user)

    I develop apps on the side (personal hobby) and I normally use the company I work for as the address, but the company I work for has already got a Apple developer account, and I now want my own Apple Developer account so I am worried if I use my company address Apple might reject the application since it has an account with that address already.

    I was planning to use my personal home address, but want to know if it's public viewable by anyone like Google Play ?
  2. Pendrush

    Pendrush Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Address is hidden from public. Apple use your address internally.
  3. sorex

    sorex Expert Licensed User

    I believe it's used if someone has a complaint about in-app purchases.

    They called me once aswell to make a change in one of my apps.
  4. andymc

    andymc Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Probably a legal requirement for them, Google do the same for the Play store.
  5. aaronk

    aaronk Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Google have it but its public viewable on the Play Store. I wanted to know if Apple make it public viewable like Google does.

    I ended up using my personal address.
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