apple is a joke...


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i sent an app for review maybe a month ago until now it get rejected time after time.

now i got a mail that says my app was rejected again because the app gives an error

and in fact its not an error its only a msgbox that tells the user that he entered a wrong password...

the app works with password and in the beginning "- - -" this is the default and if user try to leave it like this he get a msg that says, The Password may contains only integers, please fix that and the guy that tested my app tells me that is a bug o_O

its only ment to tell the user that this is not a valid password and he must choose numbers...

whats wrong with them???


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a miracle happened today...

after my app Safe Area was rejected twice and for no good reason i was really :mad:

so i sent some mails to app review team and made them clear that the app does not contains any bug and it was only a msg box that tells the user to choose numbers for password, i must admit that the mails were not in the most pleasant tone :D

i didnot think that when i get home i will get a response from apple (acctually i didnot get any response) but i get a mail that said YOUR APP IS APPROVED AND READY FOR SALE :p

so now its official (apple review team are only human and they also can make mistakes) so dont give up it seems like there is someone that is ready to listen to you...

Good luck for everyone here with B4i/B4a

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