B4A Library AppUpdating - automate apps updating from a webserver

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Important note: since all the changes made to the Android OS the original code is to be considered outdated. Thanks to @Yayou49 you may find at post#290 a version of the class usable on Android 6+ versions.

Note: version 1.25 breaks existing code so, please, read changelog in post #60 below.

Hi all,

this is my first contributing lib to this great NG.
How do I dare to publish such a low-grade stuff in an area where generally you may find real masterpieces of programming? Well, to be honest, I hope in your help to upgrade my work to a status of "ready-made solution" for those who prefer to run their own webservers where to publish apps.
Secondly, I was asked (both privately and publicly) to overcome my legitimate embarassment and go on with the publication. So, here we are: AppUpdating 1.18!

Note: any valid code fragment comes from some other thread, while all the bad stuff is entirely mine ;-)

Please find attached both the library as is (yes, it works out of the box) and its source code.

On a following post I'm gonna describe the lib in greater detail and show how to use it.


AppUpdating version history

* version 1.30 (read notes on post #228)
  • compiled with okHttp 1.01 and okHttpUtils 2.20
  • removed files for version 1.25

* version 1.26 (read notes on post #84)
  • added property WebChangeLog to read optional app's version changelog data
  • better management of versioning in the info file
  • removed files for version 1.18 to avoid confusion (still available on request)
* version 1.25
* version 1.18
  • initial release


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AppUpdating was recently updated to a renewed version able to work with Android 8. You will find it in a new thread as soon I am ready to publish.
Meanwhile I reserved this last post in order to be able to publish a last version of the lib for those having older versions of B4A and Android.
It will be a simple clean up and it will add a couple of features to what was my previous last version.

Thank you all.
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