Are you developing websites?


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I started developing 3 months ago (I came from php which I like). Right now I'm creating a website where users can login, see their invoices, change their profile, etc. Took me some time (I'm bad in graphics, so CSS was a bit hard to get used to :D). With B4J I upload the invoice data (will be shown as a html-page which can then be saved or printed via browser).

What about you?

José J. Aguilar

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I'm not really developing websites, I just make some simple things for my job, with php and some small app with B4A.
I'm using for years phpmaker. It's simple and powerfull for tabular data, and last versions create an API for your web, and I hope soon to test it with B4A and httputils.
I'm wishing to test ABMaterial, but I need time, and I have no time lately.
How are you using B4J for your webs? ABMaterial? BANANO? Coding directly in B4J?


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Having done quite a few websites over the years (since they came into existence, really), from static pages for most of the early 90's to implementing dynamic database driven websites with various xBase-type languages, then .NET, and within the past several years with PHP as our clients' needs have changed, I'm currently using B4J server websockets to build web-based access to the backend of an existing large project. I am by no means a "web developer" or web designer, we have employees that fit that bill very well, but helping them integrate into the backend and communications is what I'm best at.

So, with this one B4J project of mine, I'm using them to do the design and client-side scripting while using my B4J code and database backend to provide another access method to the data. Mainly, at this point, it's dynamic reporting but eventually it'll incorporate everything that the B4J, B4A, B4I clients to this B4J server app do. It IS nice to have one code-base in the B4J server app to serve all of those clients. It has saved a ton of time not having to write overlapping code for common routines (get this, save that, create report x, etc.) Just recently created a common, dynamic reporting system for this that's the same as the one I use for the B4J/B4A/B4I clients. To support new or revised reports, all I have to do is make the a couple of changes to the database and all of the clients (including the web-based one) adjust to that and handles the parameters, etc. I had this done with the non-web-based clients about a year ago, but just added it to the web-based client and that's pretty great.

I have another B4J project in the planning stages that'll be completely web-based so I'm hoping this current project will help work out the kinks and help me develop the tools to make that go smoother.


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besides some regular websites with self made maintenance modules (called CMS these days) in classic ASP & PHP I also wrote a lot of coorporate web tools.

from what I can recall...

several ticketing systems
licensing tools for SPLA like monthly licensing
planning/overtime reporting tool
reporting tools to cover the missing reports in a really expensive ticketing system (Peregrine if I recall right?)
easy to use end user front end for "House on the hill" ticketing system
asset management tool which updates its client data via GPO or login scripts
pocket money tool for children under supervision with a single button monthly roll out of invoices in PDF.
and dozens of other things to make life easier for users/employees

I think I used ASP from '98-2013 then I mainly used PHP since that kept evolving unlike ASP 2.0 and I didn't like ASP.NET.
It also had a lot of features that was lacking in ASP unless you started adding additional (payable) components (uploading large files for example)

Your possibilities are nearly endless when you have some good insight and skills in web/database/etc.


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I have a cheap but powerful hosted server. The only thing you can't do is installing own components. So I use B4J for "inhouse" solutions with asyncstreams. Runs perfect and stable.

I mostly use B4J for the admins to e.g. handling users or uploading data to the website via OkHttpUtils/php. I often wonder how fast it compiles and runs.

I've created some sort of "framework" which includes all stuff like encryption (AES and RSA) and using JSON structures for the data.

Combined with a B4a app (I don't like mondays, ehm, App**) it's the perfect SDK.


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I hate to develop website but most of my side income comes from developing websites with Wordpress. I normally charge clients for MYR3000-3500 for one website (around USD $717- $837).

In my full time job I develop ASP.NET web app with VB and webforms. I have left Classic ASP 3.0 many years ago. Now I use Bootstrap in my ASP.NET web app.

I also use PHP for developing backend service to consume by B4A and B4i apps. I also developed a PHP site for activating license for one of my VB6 program.

I haven't explore VPS. I am still using very cheap shared hosting which cost around $50 per year. I like the simplicity of CPanel provided with PHPMyAdmin to manage MySQL database. In my local machine, I use sublime text, laragon, adminer and postman.


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I was developing on PHP + MySQL for more than 10 years and added JavaScript on my projects for the last 5 years (more or less).
Now I develop on Laravel my webapps and API's that need to be consumed by my mobile apps.
I've followed a small tutorial about Laravel long time ago and I found it very easy and fast to implement so I've decided to migrate all of my projects to this platform and it was easy, fast and clean to be done.
None of my actual clients had made a complaint about this change to date, so I think it's perfect for 99% of the projects I can develop now (or in a near future).
Best regards.