AS Pin Lock B4X Lock Screen [soon]

Alexander Stolte

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Is now available here. :)

The ASPinLock is a new B4X View, with a lot of features.

Here a list of features
  • you can use your own Layout on the Header (header.LoadLayout("tst.bal"))
  • background and textcolor color is customizable
  • the Fingerprint icon is just a placeholder for your own function like a Fingerprint or a questionmark for help
  • MD5,SHA-1,SHA-224,SHA-256,SHA-384 and SHA-512 to encrypt the input
  • responsive design, you can rotate the smartphone and it still looks cool :cool:
  • 4 or 8 input length
more Details on release:D


what do you think? what should necessarily be included as a feature?
I release the View in 2 or 3 days togehter with V2 of the AS BottomMenu.
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