Android Question Assigning a string to string variable


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I am relatively new to B4A but have been able to solve any problem I have had so far, except the following baffles me: Why do I get a Syntax error when trying to compile the following?

Dim WeaCode as String
Dim Wea as String
WeaCldHold = ListOfTAFElements.Get(j+LinePos)
WeaCode = WeaCldHold

If WeaCode.Contains("DZ") Then
Wea = "Drizzle."
Else If WeaCode.Contains("RA") Then
Wea = "Rain."
End If

Error parsing program.
Error description: Syntax error.
Occurred on line: 446
Wea = "Rain."

Previous similar statements work, including the previous one (Wea = "Drizzle.").

Am I missing a basic principal?