Android Question ASyncstream - Ignoring event (too many queued events: astreams_newdata)

Husain Ragib

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I am building an application which connects to a bluetooth device via serial port and sends command and gets responses. I have created a starter service to manage the connection to the device through the Serial Class, so when the user starts the app, the first activity shows a list of paired devices and allows it to connect by clicking on one of them.

After this I display the menu which allows the user to choose what he wants to do and based on his selection I start another activity for the specific UI task. In this activity I initialize the AStream by calling

If AStreams.IsInitialized = False Then
AStreams.Initialize(Starter.BTConnection.InputStream, Starter.BTConnection.OutputStream, "AStreams")
End If

When I send some commands to the bluetooth device sometimes I get response but sometimes the log shows

sending message to waiting queue (astreams_newdata)
Ignoring event (too many queued events: astreams_newdata)

The AStream object is created in Process_Globals and AStreams_NewData and other events are defined in the activity from which it is called.

My question is: Since the AStream object is in the same activity why does it get queued? The same operation works fine if I use the Serial class in the same activity instead of Starter Service and if it is a single activity application.

Can you suggest what could be wrong?


Husain Ragib

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Oh I figured, I was declaring the AStreams object in Process_Globals of the activity. I moved it to Starter service and it is working as expected now.

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