Attention XverhelstX - AudioRecorder Library Problems


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We haven't seen you in your AudioRecorder library thread for a long time now, and there's a lot of questiosn that need answers if you can manage to get in there. Are you still supporting this library?

My question/need:

For the life of me, I cannot get this library to work. I am using this library to monitor the microphone level, which is wroking very well. To do this, the library is recording to null. When the sound level reaches a certain threshold, the idea is to shift over from recording to null to actually recording to a file. Kind of like an automatic dictaphone type app.

However, I cannot get this library to record a sound file. Even the sample app that comes with the library is failing to produce a sound file.

The sample app is giving no errors, but where's the file it's supposedly producing? I can't find it anywhere. Am I supposed to be rooted to be able to find the file in some hidden or protected folder somewhere?


_____________EDIT (Days Later)____________

Nevermind. Solved the problem.
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